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Children are one of our most vulnerable populations.  The work of child advocacy organizations is important to the health and well being of children. This project Investigates the nature of child advocacy work using technology.  

Completed Studies

Three Inter-related Studies of child advocacy groups were conducted as part of this research effort.  These studies dealt with the following issues: 

Future Studies

Papers and Reports Produced

McNutt, J.G, Keaney, W.F., Crawford, P., Schubert, L. & Sullivan, C. (2001).Going On-Line For Children: A National Study Of Electronic Advocacy By Non-Profit Child Advocacy Agencies In The Impact of Information technology on civil society: Working Papers from the Independent Sector's 2001 Spring Research Forum. Washington, DC: Independent Sector. Pp. 213-228.

McNutt, J.G. & Boland, K.M. (2001). You can't get there from here: A Study of the adoption of electronic advocacy techniques. Presentation at the 30th Annual meeting of the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars, November 29-December 2, Miami, FL.

McNutt, J.G., Rowland, R., Keaney, W. Howard, W., Bartron, J. Crawford, P. Garnes, E. Stricker, A. (2002). Nonprofit On-Line Advocacy for Children's Causes: A Comparison of National and Sub National Patterns. Presentation accepted for the Sixth International Research Symposium on Public Management (IRSPM VI) University of Edinburgh, Scotland, April 8-10.

Hopps, J.G. & McNutt, J.G. (2004). Building Evidence Based Policy for Children: A Model for Advocates and Policymakers. Paper Prepared for Presentation at the 50th Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education and the Seventh University of South Carolina Technology Conference, Anaheim, CA February 28-March 1, 2004

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McNutt, J.G. (2004). Adoption of New Wave Electronic Advocacy Techniques by Nonprofit Child Advocacy Organizations. Paper Presented at the University of San Francisco Conference on Nonprofit technology adoption, October 23. 

McNutt, J.G. Menon, G. & Jones, J. (2004). Traditional and On-Line GOTV Activities of Nonprofit Child Advocacy Organizations. Paper accepted for the 33rd Annual meeting of the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars, Los Angles, CA November, 18-20.

McNutt, J.G.  (2007). Adoption of New Wave Electronic Advocacy Techniques by Nonprofit   Child Advocacy Organizations. Cortes, M. & Rafter, K (eds.), Information Technology Adoption in the Nonprofit Sector. [Chapter 3] Chicago: Lyceum Books.

McNutt, J.G.  &  Barlow, J. (2012).  A Longitudinal Study of Political Technology Use by Nonprofit Child Advocacy Organizations. In Manoharan, A.& Holtzer, M.  (eds.) E-Governance and Civic Engagement: Factors and Determinants of E-Democracy. Harrisburg: IGI Books.


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