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Many previous studies have considered policy-making as a national or state level enterprise.  In this area, we looked at two aspects of electronic advocacy in Massachusetts.  The first part was a study of Internet use by the Massachusetts Legislature.  This was followed by a study of local advocacy groups in Boston.  We are now looking at local advocacy groups in the Delaware Area.

Documents and Papers Produced:  

McNutt, J.G., Burke, K, Boland, K.M. Bartron, J & Rice, D (2001). Wired In Beantown: A Study Of On-Line Advocacy By Non-Profits In The Greater Boston Area In The Impact of Information technology on civil society: Working Papers from the Independent Sector's 2001 Spring Research Forum. Washington, DC: Independent Sector. PP 229-244.

McNutt, J.G., Lima, J., Penkaukaus, K & Rusoff, M. (1999, November). A Study of the Impact of Internet Based Technologies on the Legislative Process at the State Level. Paper read at the 28th Annual meeting of the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars, Arlington, VA. November 4-6.

McNutt, J.G., Curtis, K. OBoyle, T.*& Fox, S.* (2010). Coffee or Tea? An Examination of On-line Organizing Techniques of the Tea Party and Coffee Party Movements. Presented at  ARNOVA's 2010 Conference in Alexandria, VA, November 18-20, 2010

McNutt, J.G. (2010). social networking and constituent relationships at the state level:  connecting government to citizens in a time of crisis. Paper Read at the Northeast Conference on Public Administration (NECoPA) Newark, New Jersey - October 22-23, 2010



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