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Non Profit Informatics and Education

This focus looks at some of the growing field of nonprofit informatics. While Electronic Advocacy is an important aspect of this area, E-Fundraising and technology adoption by the nonprofit sector are included. Special attention is paid to the ramifications of technology for education for nonprofit management. This is supportive to the other studies that are underway.

An exciting new part of my research looks at nonprofit informatics in the wake of the 2005 Hurricanes in the United States.  This research is being developed. 

Completed Studies 

McNutt, J.G. , Cohen, J., Corvini, M., Demers, K., Kerr, M.B., Kline, A.,Mele, T. & Quinn, A. (2003). War, peace and the web: Examining Internet sites of organizations concerned with the 2003 War Against Iraq. Presentation at The 2003 University of South Carolina Policy Conference, Charleston, SC, August 23-26.

Menon, G, McNutt, J.G. , Queiro-Tajalli, I., Boland, K. & Cohen, E. (2003). Web-Based Electronic Advocacy Strategies of International Development Agencies. Paper accepted for presentation at the 49th Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, Atlanta, GA, Feb 27-Mar 2, 2003.

Study of On-line fundraising. Researchers: J. McNutt, J. Bartron and K. Boland. Focus: Study of web-based fundraising by United Way Affiliates with a Web Site.

National Study of NASW Chapters. Researchers: J. McNutt & K. Boland. Focus: Usage by a group of professional association chapters.

Quiero-Tajalli, I., McNutt, J.G.   & Campbell, C. (2003). International social and economic justice, social work and on-line advocacy. International Social Work. 46 (2), 149-161

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