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Why Study Social Policy and Social Change in Cyberspace?

Information technology has lead to a massive series of changes in all aspects of society. Social work's traditional focus on advocacy will need to be re-tooled to meet the needs of new threats to social justice as well as the more traditional problem areas.  This project will hopefully provide some of the knowledge base for this transition.

Social work has a long and very proud tradition of making the world a better place and creating a future that is more just and more equitable that it might have been.  While we can point to this tradition with pride, there is no reason to rest on our laurels. Many of the things we opposed in the past are still with us and we face new and even more serious situations in the future.

Much of the world that  advocates face will change in the future.  In fact, it has already changed. Unless we face these facts, our methods will be outmoded and we will be ineffective. We feel that our efforts will help provide knowledge that decision makers will need as we move to new forms of advocacy practice.  

When I first started my research in this area, everyone was a pioneer. The playing field was level and everything was new.  Then came Move On, the Howard Dean Campaign and Jessie Ventura.  This is the mainstream today and things are becoming more exciting every day.

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