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Research and Knowledge Building

I have studied the impact of high technology on social change organizations and efforts for the past 30 years. My earlier studies helped establish the field and some are still cited today. I have endeavored to be a thought leader in this part of the field. My research examines four interrelated areas: (1) technology and advocacy for social change, (2) the role of data and data science in public policy, (3) The changing nature of social policy in an information society, (4) Informatics in the public and nonprofit sectors.

There are other things that I look at as well including nonprofit management, international social and economic development, Appalachian development and environmental issues. These tend to complement my central focus by providing additional context for my work.      

Over the years, I have involved colleagues, students, former students, and community partners in my research. I have constantly crossed institutional, disciplinary and national boundaries in conducting my research and selecting research collaborators. I have successfully mentored new scholars in this area, many of who now have their own research programs.

Major Themes in My Research


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